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Biorevitalization of the hands


Biorevitalization of the hands with hyaluronic acid

As time goes by, it is possible to notice that our face ages. The skin becomes flabbier, wrinkles become evident, and some spots may appear on the skin due to solar radiation. The same process also happens with our hands,which get a thin appearance, with apparent veins and full of dark spots (hyperpigmentation) or actinic keratosis. But it is possible to reverse this situation and have younger hands with a hand filling. But it is possible to reverse this and return to young hands with a hand filler.

Hyaluronic acid hands
Hyaluronic acid hands

Why do hands become thin and ageing?

Like the face, the hands are also areas that suffer from photoaging, damage, wrinkles, loss of flaccidity, and change in skin texture. This happens because the hands are also frequently exposed to the action of pollution, solar radiation – which stains and influences collagen loss – and comes into contact with many chemical actives, detergents, and soaps that dry them out. In addition, we often forget to moisturise and protect them with the use of sunscreen, which ends up accelerating the ageing process even more.

Biorevitalization of the hands: when should we do it?

Many treatments can be used in the back of the hands, one of them and very effective is the filling. It can be indicated in several cases: In situations where there is loss of volume -when those high-caliber vessels on the back of the hands start to be easily seen – showing a slimmer and more aged hand.

Dr. Augusto Guerreiro identifies the need for this procedure by doing a simple and easy test: simulate a pinch on the skin of the back of the hands, and if the skin takes time to return to its initial state, it then shows excessive flaccidity and loss of hydration and its tonicity.

What care should we take after filling?

The procedure is quick and painless, which fills in the areas outlined by Dr. Augusto Guerreiro through an intradermal cannula. To ensure an even better result, it is necessary to follow some precautions: the patient should rest the hands, massage the region according to the substance that was applied, avoid excessive trauma, and heat near the treated area and keep the area hydrated and protected with sunscreen.