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Chemical peel


What is chemical peeling?

Chemical peeling consists of the application of acidic substances on the skin. When performed correctly, it is possible to control the type of action that peeling promotes on the skin, which can be from very superficial and superficial, with a mild cell removal with scaling, to a medium and deep peeling – to encourage skin renewal.

Chemical peels, depending on the degree, can affect the face in different ways. The deeper the action of the product applied the more apparent are the results. However, it is important to understand that the greater the depth of penetration of the peeling, the greater are the risks of complications and discomfort during the procedure and post-peeling.

Chemical peel
Chemical peel

What’s chemical peeling for?

Depending on the degree of the procedure, chemical peeling can be used to lighten spots, soften wrinkles, acne scars, uniform the grain of the skin, reduce pores and reduce the thickness of the epidermis.

Types of peelings

Superficial Peeling

It acts on the epidermis, the most superficial layer of the skin, and does not present big problems after the application in: Indicated in:

  • Very smooth wrinkles;
  • Superficial stains on the skin;
  • Acne;
  • Mild photoaging.

Medium peeling

It causes the destruction of tissues, partially removing the epidermis, reaching the level of the papillary dermis. The indication of this peeling is for:

  • Photoaged skin;
  • Improvement of wrinkles;
  • Soft to moderate grooves;
  • Superficial scars;
  • Actinic keratosis;
  • Some cases of hyperpigmentation.

Deep peeling

It destroys the epidermis and reaches up to the level of the reticular dermis. It presents a great risk of complications. This process should be for:

  • Severe skin aging;
  • Deep acne scars;

Post-chemical peeling – Skincare

  • Use healing creams to speed up the peeling;
  • Soothing products to reduce skin sensitivity;
  • Plenty of thermal water;
  • Do not remove the peelings, let them fall naturally;
  • Apply and reapply high SPF mineral sunscreen with colour every day;
  • Avoid wearing makeup during healing process.