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Double chin treatment


Reduction of double chin or jowls

Who wants a double chin? Many patients say that excess fat under the chin, the commonly known jowl, is resistant to diet and exercise. Whether caused by ageing or weight gain, jowls have traditionally been treated with facelift or liposuction. Now, there is a non-surgical approach that only takes minutes per treatment. It is the first and only non-surgical injectable solution for jowls or double chin.

double chin treatment

A synthesized bile acid, which is naturally produced within the body as an aid in digestion. When used for a double chin treatment, it gently destroys unwanted localized fat over time.

What is Submental Adiposis or “Double Chin”?

A double chin is an unwanted fat under the chin. Medically known as submental adiposis, this fat forms convex distension that looks like a triple chin. Double chins are often unrelated to weight and lifestyle. Patients often describe their double chins as hereditary and report that their jowls are difficult to lose. Even when widespread fat clusters shrink due to weight loss, the double chin or triple chin may remain. A double chin often makes a person look older and distorts the patient’s natural jawline, a sign of youth and masculinity in men, for example.

Frequently asked questions

What side effects can I expect?

These injectables do not cause great danger of cardiovascular diseases, as the amount of fat cells destroyed is minimal. It is important to perform them in several sessions. Dr. Augusto Guerreiro warns his patients that they can expect to see mild to moderate bruising, swelling, or discomfort. Some patients may also experience a slight burning sensation.

Is there any post-treatment care after this procedure?

After each session, predictable amounts of fat cells exposed to the compound are dissolved and then metabolized by the human body, decreasing the size of the double chin. Substantial amounts of subcutaneous fat, double, triple, or quadruple chins, may require multiple procedures, or these patients may benefit from tumescent liposuction.

How long does the injectable take to work?

At the LHR – Hair & Skin Clinic, Dr. Augusto Guerreiroadministers this product with a series of small injections. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes; most patients need about five treatments, which can be spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart. The effect is long-lasting, and retreatment is usually not necessary, although in some cases weight gain and future ageing result in further increases in the papacy.

After treatment

After treatment, you may notice swelling and minor discomfort. Most patients do not require pain medication after the procedure. Swelling is usually mild to moderate, but any patient undergoing this treatment for the first time should schedule it at a time that allows 1-2 days for recovery.

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