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Facial Harmonization


Restructure the face without a scalpel

Facial harmonization can help frame and balance your facial features. For men, it creates more masculine facial features; For women, it can redefine facial proportions for a more refined and elegant appearance. It can also be used to help define the jaw and readjust droopy cheeks. You can be sure you’ll be in the best of hands with an expert like Dr Augusto Guerreiro who has helped hundreds of people regain their confidence with facial harmonisation treatments.

Facial treatment

Our jaw serves as a frame for our face and neck and offers a substantial contribution to our overall aesthetic – a small change in the jaw can make a big difference to our overall facial appearance.

Many people who seek jaw augmentation also aim to correct their cheeks and add volume to their cheekbones or are simply looking to optimise the balance between the jaw and other facial structures.

Dr Augusto Guerreirohas added several advanced jaw augmentation techniques to his toolkit. This allows him to provide fully customisable treatments for any facial structure and achieve any aesthetic goals his patients may have.

Increased jaw line

Very common among men, jaw augmentation can help frame a face providing structure and depth, which helps to balance all other facial features.

A high-quality, dense hyaluronic acid filler treatment can restructure the side of your jaw or further project your chin giving you the most masculine look. This treatment is painless, with no need for surgery and with guaranteed results. Dr. Augusto Guerreiro prefers to use hyaluronic acid as his dermal filler of choice because it is long-lasting and biocompatible, safe, and allows the treatment to be reversed or changed at a later date if desired.

Everyone’s facial features are unique. A jaw that can look great in one person may not be the best for another. Factors such as nose, ears, eyes, forehead, and neck can change the overall balance and aesthetics of your face.

Therefore, the first and arguably most important part of the process is done during the planning phase. Dr. Augusto Guerreiro has an evaluation appointment with each new patient in person to discuss their aesthetic goals and create an action plan for their jaw augmentation.

During this appointment, he will evaluate the main treatment areas the jaw region, chin, cheeks, and cheekbones. Depending on the patient and their aesthetic goals, treatment may require a focus on one area over another —but all are evaluated during this phase.

Improve the female face

What most women are looking for, in general terms, when they think about facial harmonization is to make the face thinner. There are several ways to achieve this and other goals and, as in the case of men, it all depends on your specific case. Each person’s face is unique, and as such, each facial harmonization that Dr. Augusto Guerreiro performs is unique as well. There is no pattern for what defines a perfect face—instead, it depends on careful consideration of other prominent facial features such as the eyes, nose, ears, and chin.

So for women, too, the process begins at the doctor’s office. This is where each patient’s aesthetic goals are discussed and the areas to be treated are identified, whether it is the chin and cheekbones or even the jaw where added volume can be used to give the face the ideal shape.

Facial treatment