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Facial PRP


How plasma application works to treat wrinkles

Platelet-rich plasma fights wrinkles by producing new cells in the area where it is applied and leads to the appearance of new collagen fibers that naturally support the skin. The result is younger and unmarked skin, especially indicated in the fight against wrinkles of the face and neck.

Platelets are blood cells that induce cell regeneration, in which their high concentration is obtained after centrifugation of the patient’s blood. This high concentration of platelets present in PRP (4-7 times higher than in blood) makes it an important treatment in facial regeneration.

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How treatment is done?

Treatment with platelet-rich plasma is done in the doctor’s office, following the following steps:

  • The doctor or nurse removes the patient’s blood with a syringe, as if for a routine blood test;
  • Through a closed and sterile system, this blood is placed in the centrifuge and the plasma is separated from the other blood components;
  • Then this platelet-rich plasma is applied directly to the face using several techniques that can vary according to the purpose of treatment.

Sessions and maintenance

The effect of each application lasts about 3 months, and the result can be seen from the very same day. However, the number of applications depends on the state of each face and what you want to treat. But on average, it takes 3 sessions every 4 weeks for consistent results.

The whole procedure lasts about 45 minutes, being a great alternative to promote facial rejuvenation, thus offering a renewed skin, hydrated and with good elasticity. Ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, for the removal of acne scars and dark circles.

It is recommended to repeat 1 session every 6 months for maintenance.

Care after PRP application

Care after PRP application is to avoid sun exposure, saunas, exercise, and skin cleansing during the 24 hours following treatment.

After plasma’s application on the face may be temporary pain and redness, swelling, small bruises, and inflammation on the skin, but these may disappear very quickly.

In this treatment, there is no allergic reaction because it is a biological product obtained from the patient.