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Non-evasive Rhinomodeling


What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

No feature on the face draws more attention than the nose. It is usually the “center stage” and is often the first facial feature that other people notice. There are many differences (and some significant ones) in the various nose types: bridge height, tip, and nostril width, etc. Many noses require greater height, projection, and the refinement of the tip, and nostrils, while others often require some form of reduction.

non-surgical rhinoplasty

Of course, there are cultural, personal aesthetic preferences and subtle differences that must be considered. Your nose is unique, and we want to ensure your rhinoplasty is too. We do not seek to change the features that make your face unique, but instead, we try to leave you with natural results so that you can look even more like yourself, but in an aesthetically more pleasant way.

Non-surgical and non-permanent rhinoplasty is unique. It requires expert knowledge and a keen eye for natural beauty and balance. The ideal nose is not only tall and designed but should look natural and balanced, regardless the angle from which it is viewed. Some of the distinct features of noses are easy to see, while others extend deep below the skin surface. Nasal structure and nasal bones usually differ from person to person.

antes trabalho nariz homem  apos trabalho nariz homem

Non-surgical male nose job

This patient’s case shows how it was possible to straighten the nose and give him a more symmetrical look. After a quick 15-minute procedure, he was much more pleased with his appearance.

Why is non-cirurgic rhinoplasty a popular choice?

  • Easy and fast. On average, the procedure takes 20 minutes.
  • The procedure is relatively painless
  • Compared to rhinoplasty plastic surgery, the procedure is affordable
  • You will see results immediately
non-surgical rhinoplasty

How is the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure performed?

Passo 1

A forma do nariz é projetada e marcada no nariz com base nas suas necessidades pessoais

Passo 2

Um anestésico local é injetado no nariz para que a injeção de preenchimento seja indolor.

Passo 3

O preenchimento é injetado cuidadosamente nas áreas específicas do nariz

Passo 4

Os preenchimentos comuns utilizados incluem os produtos mais avançados do mercado.

Passo 5

O enchimento é então moldado para esculpir a forma do nariz desejada

Frequently asked questions

What are the complications?

The most common complications include localised injection-related bruising, needle marks, and/or swelling. This can usually last a few days, but it can be disguised with makeup. Allergic reactions to fillers also happen but are very rare.

The growing popularity of dermal fillers stems from numerous tests and studies, which indicate that it is a proven method for diminishing lines and creases and recreating a more youthful appearance as you age.

Why do some people get more scarring than others?

There are some small capillary vessels located under the skin that are not visible to the naked eye. During the injection process, one of these vessels can be pricked, which can lead to small bruises.

How long does it last?

Nose fillers with hyaluronic acid typically last an average of 9 months, although this can vary significantly depending on the individual and how quickly their body metabolises the filler.

Why choose the LHR-Hair & Skin Clinic?

With extensive experience in dermo-aesthetics, Dr. Augusto Guerreiro is committed to offering the best non-surgical rhinoplasty in Portugal.

He will take the time to outline all the details of the treatment, and discuss any questions or concerns. His opinion is that appointment and patient education are the most important aspects of any aesthetic treatment.