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Capillary Mesotherapy

Hair Treatments

Mesotherapy – What is it?

Mesotherapy is a technique used to treat hair loss made with the application directly on the scalp of substances that stimulate hair growth. A correct diagnosis is fundamental in the success of mesotherapy, so that the choice of the product is the one indicated in your case.

The number of sessions depends on the intensity of the fall, and the interval of 3-4 weeks between sessions is recommended. It is important that capillary mesotherapy is done by a qualified professional and, above all, that the problem is diagnosed by a doctor with experience in trichology.

capillary mesotherapy
capillary mesotherapy

When is it indicated?

Mesotherapy is indicated for men and women who suffer from constant hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies, stress and even genetic factors, as in the case of androgenic alopecias.

This procedure may be complementary to oral treatment for hair loss, or even in replacement for those patients who do not wish to do oral treatment. Before mesotherapy is indicated, the doctor should make a careful evaluation of the patient’s scalp in order to check the capillary structure and whether in fact mesotherapy may be indicated or not.

Mesotherapy is not indicated for pregnant women, some products should be avoided in women in the breastfeeding phase and people who are allergic to any of the substances used in the procedure.

How is it done?

Mesotherapy can be applied by a qualified professional always with medical supervision. Sessions are usually performed at intervals of 3-4 weeks, depending on the medical evaluation.

The procedure is done first with a cleansing of the region to be treated, followed by application directly to the scalp, by means of a fine needle, of specific substances to treat the problem. Usually, the applied substance is a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, dutasteride and minoxidil, which together act promoting the growth of the strands and guarantee a healthy appearance.

Because it is a procedure performed directly on the scalp, the results may be more effective than some oral treatments. However, it is minimally invasive procedure, and so there may be local redness and swelling, being these short-term effects.

Despite being a very effective treatment, it is important that the person acquires healthy habits to prevent the fall from aggravating.