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Our mission


Clínica LHR

Our main goal is to deliver natural looking results, provide outstanding service to all our patients, and focus on creating a serene, confident, and professional environment.

A natural result is not only the goal for every patient who entrusts our clinic, but it is also our passion. This dedication to art is one of the hallmarks of the LHR Clinic.

Our surgeons’ artistry is unique, and they are all recognized for their ability to create extremely natural looking results for our patients.

Our physicians during your consultation evaluate several factors including your medical history of hair loss, your hair quality and density, your donor and recipient area condition and various other factors to design a specific hair restoration plan for you. The same care is put into any aesthetic procedure that we offer in our clinic, so that we can guarantee the trust and respect of all our patients.

Fue Premium

At Clinica LHR a patient is not just one more. It’s a case that we follow up and their results are also our success. Achieving realistic, natural results is consisted of a multifactor evaluation but also result of our protocol developed with our big experience and today considered our brand and our distinction – The FUE Premium