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Beard Transplant



The capillary transplant for a beard is a process like the ordinary capillary transplant. It extracts follicular units individually from the occipital area (nape) and temporal and parietal areas (sides). These follicular units are then implanted into the beard to treat hair loss or lack of density.

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Currently, the relationship with the hair and facial hair has gained a new backing from society. No longer something just for protection of the exposed areas but issues of aesthetics and beauty.

How it works

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In the preparation phase, a beard design is performed according to the patient's ambitions and the medical and anatomical possibilities. This phase of the procedure is extremely important because the beard and its delineation deeply mark a face

Step 1
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Before the surgery, the doctor will apply an anaesthetic to the area where the surgery will take place. This process is practically painless in its beginning and after its action, it will be a painless process.

Local anaesthesia is applied to relieve the possible pain, the local sensitivity generating a peaceful and pleasant experience.

Step 2
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The procedure is performed by the doctor in charge with the help of his assistants, with precise instruments so as not to generate visible scars and not to damage the donor area. The follicular units are separated and classified by groups under binocular stereoscopic microscopes, then counted and placed in a preservative solution called Liposomal ATPv and kept refrigerated at a constant temperature between 3 and 4C. This process, depending on the number of follicular units to be extracted, lasts between 2-4 hours.
An analysis of the donor hair zone is done and the number of follicles to be removed is evaluated. After the analysis, the extraction begins. The precision and delicacy of the extraction contribute to not impoverishing the donor area, guaranteeing a very high success rate, and speeding up the healing time.
The follicular units are separated and classified by groups, then counted and placed in a refrigerated saline solution and vitaminized to guarantee excellent conservation, potentiating the final result.
Step 3
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Implantation (the DHI- Direct hair implantation method)

In this method, there is no use of tweezers when inserting the follicular units to avoid damage to the follicular unit. The follicular units are injected with the help of implanters directly respecting the natural orientation of the existing beard hair and the pre-made design. The process is performed without previous incisions, without pain or scars. The follicle is hardly manipulated, which guarantees excellent preservation and a very high success rate. This procedure is performed only by specialised doctors and nurses. At this stage, anaesthesia is also of crucial importance, as the face has many nerve endings.

After the selection and treatment of the follicular units, the implantation process begins. This is done according to the design and the goal of the implantation. During the whole procedure of anesthesia, extraction, evaluation of the follicles, and implantation. You will be accompanied by a team of doctors, nurses, and specialized technicians.

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